is a small startup business located in Brewster, Massachusetts - on Cape Cod. Our mission statement is: "Helping technology users to transcend the problems of everyday computing."
We can provide in-person assistance to residents and businesses in the local area, as well as remote desktop, video-consulting, or phone support to clients anywhere in the world.

Solutions Oriented

How do we implement best-practices in a world where virtually all of the tools that we put to use are designed, built, and maintained by a third party who is distantly removed from our very personal and individual circumstances?

How do we mitigate the threats of bad actors in the technological realm, and keep ourselves safe - while knowing that there are nefarious parties who wish to do us harm by exploiting our identity and pilfering our resources?

How can we ensure that the machines which we use on a daily basis have the greatest and most positive impact on our lives - so instead of being a liability, they are an asset?

I certainly cannot answer all of these questions, but I can perhaps help you feel better about your intricate relationship to technology, allowing you to experience a more peaceful connection with your everyday tech.

Thoughts, reflections,

and quotes from the mind of an

Adding Ethical Integrity to Tech
The world of Information-Technology and Computer Science is in desperate need of a holistic and thorough ethical audit, where the moral and humanitarian elements of the tech are rigorously inspected, debated, and upgraded with the betterment of society in mind.

Being left behind:
Our technological developments are far outpacing and surpassing our rate of evolution - both biologically and socially - and we are all struggling to keep up with these unparalleled changes. It will take a Herculean effort for humanity to successfully pass through this stage of our development without perishing at the shifting hands of our rapidly changing creations.

A Place to Communicate
Now is the time to pursue our dreams of integration into a more equitable and just society where people of all backgrounds, heritages, and origins will have the ability to communicate. Incorporating diverse perspectives and voices into the global arena of discourse will require attention and effort by us all.