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Jake the computer guy :-)

About me:

  • Kind, Clever, Compassionate, and Patient
    Technology shouldn't make people feel insecure, or unhappy - and all too often I see this happen to my clients. I am eager to put peoples troubles and concerns to rest by addressing the issues which they are struggling with in an accessible and friendly manner. This can help you feel better about your relationship with tech. I don't mean to be self indulgent or presumptuous with the "guru" title, and it might even be a little bit silly - but I CAN help you breathe a bit easier and rest assured knowing that help is available.
  • Degrees & Accreditation
    I am proud to possess an associates degree in Liberal Arts - and I am currently in the process of attaining another one, specializing in Information Technology. Besides my two college degrees, I have also been certified as a CompTIA A+ tech-support specialist. In case that's not enough, I am currently on my way to gaining a similar accrediting credential from Google's educational department.
  • Interests & Expertise
    My experience with technology runs the gamut from tinkering around with small micro-computers and hobbyist electronics such as the beloved Raspberry Pi, to operating remote servers (such as the one hosting this website). I am technically proficient and can work with most major operating systems. I am able to provide professional assistance in the following areas:
  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  • Android / iOS / mobile devices
  • Digital content and file-management
  • Software support and troubleshooting the user interface
  • Hardware support and equipment upgrades
  • Remote desktop access and virtual network control
  • Support with cloud computing infrastructure
  • Mac OS X / Apple tech