How do we implement best-practices in a world of technology, where the modern-day tools are designed, built, and maintained by a third party - removed from our very personal and individual circumstances?
      How can we ensure that the machines which we use on a daily basis have the most positive impact on our lives - so instead of being a liability, they are an asset?
      While cannot answer the above questions, we can perhaps help you feel better about your relationship with technology, in order to experience a more peaceful connection with it.


Info Tech Guru is a Cape Cod Information Technology Support Business, owned and operated by Jake Onami Agnew a Brewster, MA resident. My credentials include:

  • Google Information-Technology Certificate
  • Comp TIA: A+ Information-Technology Certificate 
  • Cape Cod Community College Information Technology  Associate's Degree
  • Small Business Management For the Trades Certificate
  • Intercultural Fluency Certificates


I have had the pleasure of helping several clients to solve the many different problems which they have encountered in their everyday use of modern technology. Below are a few of their reviews and opinions on my services:

  • "I was locked out of a file maker database, and Jake helped me regain access to it!"
    Bruce T. - Orleans, MA, Lawyer
  • "I thought that my dated Apple laptop was a lost cause, but he helped me upgrade it and breathe new life into my computer."
    Mary A. - Harwich MA, Family Nurse Practitioner
  • "I had my passwords compromised, and with the's help, I was able to regain access to all of my accounts and make things more secure."
    Elke B. - Eastham, MA, Real Estate Business Owner
  • "My phone was simply WAY too confusing, and Jake helped me better understand how to use it."
    Bea, - Harwich, MA, Office Manager
  • "By remotely accessing my office system in Florida, Jake was able to help me to create a shipping list and deliver over 70 packages as holiday gifts through the US Postal Service."
    Terri Q. - Fort Lauderdale FL, Law Office Manager
  • "Because of Jake's expert assistance extracting CCTV footage from Police surveillance cameras, one of my legal clients was acquitted of all charges."
    Jeff B. - Brewster MA, Civil Lawyer
  • "After my father's death, I had some Trust Fund documents which required processing, and I was having trouble digitizing the printed hard-copies - so it was a tremendous relief to have Jake's help with getting the documents into the proper digital format to share with my lawyer."
    Amy C. - Harwich MA, Retired Nurse


Below are some of the various projects which I am involved in.

  • Excessive Energy Forever
    What is this even?
  • w3blishing - World Wide Web Publishing
    Website design and development. 
  • PUNimals.LOL
    A book of animal antics!
    An altogether different geometrical approach to building.
  • Xsf_Nrg_4fr
    A lifestyle and clothing brand.